Temptag Tri Thermometer Pack

Temptag Tri Thermometer Pack

Temptag Tri Thermometer Pack

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The Temptag TRI is ideal for those wanting greater control when steaming milk. The windows will react at 3 different temperatures. This pack contains 3 sheets of assorted colours to help identify different jugs. All conveniently packed in a storage wallet with instructions.

The Temptag TRI will indicate when the ideal milk temperature is reached by changing colour.

The three indicators work as follows:

White left panel is 58C – ideal for Soy milk, or those wanting their coffee on the warmer side.

Middle panel with the tick is 65C – Recommended milk temperature. Great for both full cream and reduced fat milks.

White right panel is 70C – this helps identify when milk is over heated, or for those wanting an extra hot coffee.

The Temptag TRI is best hand washed only. Avoid using strong chemicals, scourers and steel wool directly on to the Temptag TRI to prevent surface damage. If the surface is broken, replace with a new Temptag TRI. It is expected that the Temptag TRI will display accurately for 4-6 weeks with proper care and usage. If the middle window (the red window when heated properly) appears grey or cloudy or the Temptag TRI bubbles or begins to peel, we recommend you replace it to maintain consistency.