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    12 products


    We service all Rocket Espresso, Stone Espresso & Vibiemme Machines. We don't take bookings for servicing so please just bring your machine into our Brighton Store in Melbourne and we will fix any issues!

    Australian Owned & Operated
    Roasted Locally in Melbourne
    Sustainably Sourced

    Rocket Espreso

    In the late 1970’s Friedrich Berenbruch and Ennio Berti attempt a coffee revolution, they form ECM (Espresso Company Milano) and develop the world's first commercial quality domestic espresso machine, the Giotto rocket. It quickly becomes the finest domestic machine to grace kitchens of the world. Milan, Italy 2007. ECM (Espresso Company Milano) decide to concentrate on their commercial espresso machine range. The domestic machine range, the classic Giotto and Cellini machines, get a new lease of life. Jeff Kennedy, an entrepreneurial pioneer of the espresso revolution in New Zealand takes up the challenge to revive the Giotto brand. Jeff along with Andrew Meo and Daniele Berenbruch, son of Friedrich, recommence production of the classic Giotto machine. Giotto, a new classic is reborn from the founders of Rocket Espresso specifically designed for today’s most exacting espresso customer. "Un'arte tutta italiana". Ferrari manufactures cars, Riva builds boats, Panerai makes watches, Ducati produces motorcycles... We create espresso machines. Espresso is a synonym for Italy, the italian art of how to live, the art of appreciating the pleasures in life.