Rocket Espresso Bicocca

Rocket Espresso Bicocca

Rocket Espresso Bicocca

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Bicocca, the essence of a local district where cultural centres, the university and street vibe combine to bring the local community to life. Applauded for its ingenious balance of features and architectural design, Bicocca is an incredible espresso machine to make, explore and taste coffee on. 

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Australian Owned & Operated
Roasted Locally in Melbourne
Sustainably Sourced

Designed to produce incredible flavours and consistent results in the cup, Bicocca includes innovative technical features to ensure the machine delivers. With 2 programmable recipes, the barista can input the desired recipe, brew with a consistent output and adjust accordingly when needed. 

The design philosophy aligns the innovative technical features, with a bold and purposeful aesthetic. The geometric lines of the panels reinforce the concept of solidity and reliability, while the new cylindrical group head of the Bicocca is visually bold and deliberately separated from the machine. 

An intuitive touch screen interface is placed on the upper face of the group head and offers the barista a variety of settings to program, from the volumetrics to screen settings.

  • An intuitive 3.5-inch touch screen display with new HMI
  • Dual boiler with fully saturated group head for temperature stability 
  • Volumetric espresso machine with 2 programmable recipes 
  • Eco Mode and Calendar Mode available to schedule machine operation 
  • Ergonomic layout for the Baristas works area
  • Insulated boilers for thermal stability and energy preservation
  • Machine body available in either Chrome or Black


Model Bicocca
Shot Timer Yes
Pressure Profiling Yes
Pump Rotary
Thermal Control PID
Boiler Style Dual Boiler
Boiler Capacity (L) 0.5 + 1.5
Water Tank Yes
Hard Plumb Yes
Wattage 1600W, 10 amp
Width (mm) 409
Depth (mm) 465
Height (mm) 400
Unboxed Weight (kg) 35
Warranty 24 Months Manufacturers