Ethiopian Guji Hambela

Ethiopian Guji Hambela

Ethiopian Guji Hambela

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Natural processed Ethiopians are wilder and more gamey in taste. They usually have a sweetness to them and heavier body.

The beans are picked by the farmers and then spread out to dry in the sun. They are then raked around a couple of times a day but this also means that they are not dried evenly and this helps create the funky taste of Ethiopian natural. It's a proud tradition and it certainly packs a punch!

This one is full of flavours and very juicy. Naturals can often look untidy but they're awesome in flavour. In Ethiopia this is the preferred method and has always been the traditional means of processing coffee, due to a lack of water. Many smallholders and families pick their own coffee beans from wild coffee trees and put them out in their yards to dry. Try the Natural Guji it's an awesome find for us to bring to you!

Cupping score: 88+ What's this?

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Cupping Score


Cupping Profile

Clean, Honey, Creamy Apricot, Chocolate, Fruity and Complex


1950 – 2000 MASL

Moisture Content

Region/Area Oromia Region
Farm Zone: Gedyo | District: Hambela | Village: Buku Abel
Soil Type Fertile, Red Clay
Length of Fermentation 48 to 72 hours, depending on the weather.
Drying Method Sun dried in the cherry on raised beds for 4–6 weeks. During this period, the cherries are turned every couple of hours to stop mold or over fermentation.
Sun Exposure Shade-grown
Average Rainfall 1950 – 2000 mm
Average Annual Temperature 20 – 23 Degrees Centigrade