Brewista Smart Scale v2

Brewista Smart Scale v2


Accurate to within 0.1 grams, the Smart Scale features a timer, which can be activated manually or automatically as soon as liquid hits the vessel for the ultimate precision brewing. With a water-resistant nano-coating you can rinse straight under a faucet! A large screen display shows measurements up to 2kg, as well as the timer, and an auto-off function after 60 seconds ensures a long operating life on just two AA batteries.

Six modes are in built into the software. All functions are automatically started. The scale will display time and weight for 5 seconds after the cup or vessel has been removed. This truly is a smart scale:

Auto1: This is an espresso mode. Place cup on scale and time/weight go to zero and timer start counting up.
Auto2: This is the second espresso mode: Place cup on scale and time/weight go to zero, start espresso machine and press orange timer button and scale timer starts. Remove cup and time and weight go back to zero.
Auto3: Place cup on scale, will auto tare. This is for espresso machines with built-in timers.
Auto4: Place cup on scale, will auto tare. When espresso hits the cup the timer starts automatically, weight is displayed.

Hand1: This is a pourover mode. Add brewing vessel to scale and weight goes to zero. Add coffee grounds after 3 seconds, weight goes to zero. Start adding water and weight and timer start. Remove brew vessel and both weight and time go back to zero.
Hand2: This is a manual pourover mode. User tares and starts timer.

This is the most advanced scale we’ve seen.


  • Automatically times the brewing process, starting the timer as soon as liquid hits the glass.

  • Tares both time and weight once the cup or glass has been removed.

  • Nano-coating technology allows for rinsing straight under the faucet.

  • Weighing capability ranges from 1 gram up to 2 kilos.

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