Why The Top Coffee Machine Is The Rocket Espresso In Australia

Why The Top Coffee Machine Is The Rocket Espresso In Australia

How Australia came to love espresso coffee

There’s more than one reason why Australians fell in love with coffee and why a Rocket coffee machine in Australia is the number one choice.

By now, we all know that Australians love coffee. In fact, Australia is home to some of the most discerning and dedicated coffee drinkers in the world.

A few fun and interesting facts about Australians devotion to a quality cup of coffee shows why the obsession is one that is here to stay.

More than 83% of Australians spend their time and money on buying a cup of coffee every day.

Nearly 80% of those Aussie coffee lovers say that the taste is the key to a great cup of coffee. It’s also why a café anywhere Down Under that can’t deliver on the promise of a quality coffee is highly likely to go under.

Aussies also prefer stand-alone cafés rather than the huge international chains. That’s why 95% of cafés are independently owned and a reason why places like Starbucks don’t do well here.

The romantic story in the love of coffee

Australia’s love affair with coffee all started with the introduction of espresso coffee from Western Europeans especially those new arrivals in the 1950’s & 60’s. This opened a world of sensational coffee combinations from the classic short black to the sophistication of a café latte and cappuccino.

The key to the taste sensation comes from quality coffee making equipment.

The special thing about an espresso machine is its ability to extract concentrated servings of espresso coffee under high pressure. This brings an almost endless range of coffee possibilities, especially the variety of Italian named wonders.

It wasn’t long before the high quality range from Rocket Espresso took Australia by storm. Suddenly, Australians were craving the very best espresso coffees possible and were curious about new and inventive ways to improve on the whole coffee experience.

The other thing that sparked a fresh wave of curiosity was ‘how to make a café quality coffee at home?’

Transforming coffee drinking with espresso machines for the home

It makes sense to treat your tastebuds to a quality coffee and not settle for a second rate cup of coffee when you’re at home.

This is where the popularity for the high-grade Rocket Espresso Appartamento grew and grew.

The most important factor with the Rocket Espresso machines is the quality in the way they are designed and manufactured. The styling is exquisite, but it’s the incredible performance and precision which makes all the difference to the coffee experience.

The fact that they are still the specially handmade coffee machines, crafted in the same traditional way and only with premium parts sets them apart from other coffee machines.

The beauty is that you can have this exceptional machine working its wonders in your own home takes coffee making to new heights.

The rewards of your own espresso machine

As the years have rolled on from the 1950’s & 60’s, Australians have realised that there is no need to accept a substandard coffee. That has even led to an increase in what would call ‘coffee snobbery’.

The truth is that with the changes in espresso coffee tastes came the idea that it made sense to buy a high-quality espresso machine for the home and enjoy a quality coffee whenever you wanted.

Rather than think of a large and bulky coffee machine for industrial use such as a café or restaurant, there was the clever and space saving design of one particular espresso machine that could fit almost anywhere in any kitchen.

This is why the Rocket Appartamento is such a huge hit in Australia.

It delivers on the performance that Rocket coffee machines are famous for, while fitting neatly and snugly in any Australian home. It’s also easy to use and easy to clean which means less fuss and more chance to enjoy a great tasting coffee.

It also gives someone a special set of bragging rights when you are entertaining family or guests. You can make the best possible impression by serving a café quality coffee from your very own kitchen.

An important piece in completing the coffee puzzle

One thing that you need to remember is that you can’t make a great coffee without using quality coffee beans.

You will probably have tasted a coffee and felt left down by the taste and aroma. Nine times out of ten this is because the beans were the cause of the problem.

Australians have become increasingly more aware of how crucial it is to source the best quality beans. Whilst many years ago, it was difficult to know where and how to get your hands on high-grade and quality roasted coffee beans, these days it’s easier than ever.

A trusted and experienced team knows how to source the very best beans from across the globe and can deliver the ultimate in delicious tasting coffee.

The choices include:

  • The amazing Antigua region of Guatemala
  • Lazarus – a luscious blend of Brazilian and Colombian single origins
  • Honduran Organic SHG (beans grown at 1,200 metres above sea level)
  • Sensational Single Origin flavours of the Colombian Organic Excelso

It’s now possible to enjoy the richest, smoothest and most rewarding tasting coffee and it makes it even better when you can have that full flavour delight delivered directly to your door.

That’s the difference when you buy your coffee machine or coffee beans from the home of quality coffee – The Beanery.

The Beanery always delivers on quality

You can have your very own Rocket Espresso machine making your favourite coffee every morning, afternoon or evening.

The team at the Beanery ensure that you have the perfect coffee machine for your needs and will complete the full set up of the machine to guarantee you’re all set to go for the best in espresso.

You can even discuss which of the quality beans and blends will suit your individual taste so you wake up to the perfect coffee as the perfect start of the day.

It’s time to reward yourself with the best possible coffee from The Beanery.