Where to Find the Best Coffee Beans in Australia

Where to Find the Best Coffee Beans in Australia

It’s a simple fact that you cannot brew a great cup of coffee without using the very best in quality coffee beans.

Does this mean having to do weeks or months of solid research in the who, how and where to get your hands on the best coffee beans for sale? The good news is the answer is a resounding ‘No’. These days, there is no need to travel all around town or spend endless hours scouring the internet for great deals on the best beans from across the globe.

Savouring a delicious coffee when you want is no longer a luxury and it’s now an everyday enjoyment that you can brew in your own home. With the availability of some of the world’s finest coffee beans, that smooth and sumptuous blend you crave on a daily basis is all yours.

How high-quality coffee beans can lower your health risks

Millions of people around the world enjoy a coffee as a morning treat that brings an instant pick-me-up to the start of the day. Some say they couldn’t do without a coffee in the morning. You’ll even hear the phrase “I can’t function without a coffee”.

It’s not just the caffeine that does the work. There is a deep and reassuring comfort in having a rich and rewarding cup of coffee to stimulate the mind, warm the blood and spark up your level of alertness.

The trouble is that you won’t get the benefits that come with a well-made coffee if you don’t have the high standard of beans to create it.

Numerous studies show that coffee does more than kick start your day and outline a number of health benefits to drinking a quality coffee on a regular basis.

Apart from the obvious energy boost from caffeine, research has shown that coffee also contains antioxidants and other active substances that may reduce internal inflammation and protect against problems such as heart and kidney disease, stroke and even diabetes. This is backed by nutrition experts such as those from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the U.S.

What to look for in quality coffee beans

There are a number of criteria you can use to help you make a top choice in your coffee beans.

You may be able to determine good quality coffee beans from:

  • the look of the beans (a glossy sheen is ideal)
  • their aroma
  • a uniform sizing to the beans
  • a quality source of the coffee bean (e.g. Single Origin and certified organic)
  • the colour (too pale is likely to under-roasted and too dark over-roasted)

Some tell-tale signs of poorer quality beans are that unroasted coffee beans, or green coffee beans as they are commonly called, will be fairly pale and have yellowish beige look with just a hint of green. If your unroasted coffee beans have dark brown or black spots it is very likely that those beans are damaged and will only give you a low-quality roast and brew. 

To help you with your decision, there is a strict coffee cupping score developed by the Specialty Coffee Association (or SCA) which runs from 0 to 100. It’s worth noting that only coffee which scores 80 points or above can be awarded the honour of the top category as a ‘specialty coffee’. 

The taste test is the final verdict of a quality coffee and it makes sense to choose coffee beans which suit your individual taste.

Finding the all-important full flavoured coffee taste

Many coffee drinkers enjoy the experience of fruity and even floral notes in the best coffee. A nutty, earthy aftertaste is another feature of a high quality cup of coffee.

You can tell your choice of coffee beans is of a superior standard when the bitter taste is soft and pleasant rather than sharp or biting.  

While it might be possible to find high end coffee beans in store, it’s all about knowing where to look. It has become popular to buy coffee beans online with the added incentive of significant savings and generous discount offers.

The best coffee beans online come in a variety of flavours with special characteristics for both personal taste and how the coffee is best brewed.

Not all coffee beans are ideally suited for an espresso machine. This is where the finest grind of coffee can make a huge difference to the taste, crema and richness of flavour.

What a quality espresso machine means for your coffee

Extraction in its most basic explanation is the water moving through coffee grounds to extract the chemicals and characteristics of the flavour. Interestingly, this water need not even be hot. A cold brew has become one of the most popular methods of coffee-making where the coarse grounds are soaked in filtered cold water.

The finest range of quality coffee beans in Australia is exactly what you need for your own coffee machine.

A specially designed and handcrafted espresso coffee machine is no longer a luxury that only a few can afford. With the popularity of coffee drinking in Australia growing every day and Melbourne being renowned as the coffee capital of the world, it’s no surprise that you will find the best coffee machines now being an integral part of anyone’s kitchen.

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