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The Beanery – Post Sales Service

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At the Beanery, we pride ourselves on our quality after-sale service. We don’t want to just deliver the product to your door, we want to make sure you can get the best out of your machine to make that perfect, cafe-quality coffee at home. That’s why we offer free delivery and set-up throughout the Melbourne metro area on our Rocket, Vibiemme and Jura coffee machines. 

When you purchase a machine through the Beanery, you are able to organise delivery to your door at your earliest convenience. We set-up the machine, calibrate your grinder, and show you how to extract the perfect espresso and micro-foam texture from your milk. No need for barista lessons, it’s completely free!

Our friendly support staff are also available in-store or over the phone if you have any further questions for the life-time of your machine. At the Beanery, we have been servicing espresso machines for over 30 years, and have the expertise to assist you to keep your machine running smoothly. 

We understand that a barista-quality set-up is just the first step to producing the perfect cup of coffee; we want to make sure you also have the skills to match to master the art of coffee making.

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