Coffee Types: 12 Most Popular Types Of Coffee


Essentially a "short black". Should have a layer of "crema" evident on the surface (also known as mocha cream). Fill the espresso cup to two-thirds for Australia, or half for Europe.


Meaning "shrunk' or "condensed" it is a common variation of the basic espresso and is achieved by shortening the pour. Very strong. Fill the espresso cup to approximately one-third.


Simply a "double" of straight espresso, best left to the veterans. Espresso cup is filled, but the shot is double.

ESPRESSO MACCHIATO (known simply as "macchiato")

Espresso with a dash of foamed or cold milk. "Macchiato" means "marked" or "spotted" and this is what happens to a straight espresso by "marking" the top.


The same as macchiato, except the espre4sso is served with a tiny topping of whipped cream.


Long black with a dash of warm or cold milk in a glass.

ESPRESSO MOCHA (known in Australia as Mochaccino)

Served in a tall glass, made up of one-third espresso, one-third of strong, un-sweetened hot chocolate and one-third of frothed milk which goes last. Add a dash of cocoa.

LONG ESPRESSO (what Australians know as a long black)

The espresso base should be full-bodied and creamy, then the cup is topped with freshly boiled water.

CAFFE LATTE (known in Australia simply as "latte")

Usually one or two measures of espresso with three times as much foamed milk. Ideally pour both milk and coffee simultaneously, from either side of the cup. In Australia this drink is traditionally served in a glass with a discreet layer of foamed milk on top.


A large tall glass half filled with hot, foamed milk, into which a single espresso is slowly poured to produce a graduation of coffee colour through the milk.


Approximately one-third espresso, one-third hot, steamed milk and one-third frothed milk. It is a full bodied, intense espresso topped up with steamed (not boiled) milk.


An over-the-top cappuccino