Helpful Coffee Tips and Hints


The original colour of the bean is green, with the flavour being acquired by the length of time the roasting takes.

There are light roasts and dark roasts and some people like to mix a combination of coffees to get a pleasing result for them.

Once you have decided on your blend of coffee, you must obtain the correct grind. The rule is to grind your coffee as fine as you can without it going through the filter.

Never buy coffee from an open sack as it cannot be rotated for freshness.

Always keep your coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dry environment to retain its flavour and character. Beans may keep up to 14 weeks in deep freeze, or when ground up to 8 weeks (if airtight).

It is advisable however to buy enough coffee for one week consumption to maintain freshness and quality.

The Beanery receives fresh roasted coffee every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Remember that good clean water and a clean coffee maker will always lead to a better result. Coffee deposits an oily substance that may build up on a coffee maker, and its should be removed periodically.