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Swiss made quality fully automatic "Bean to Cup" espresso coffee. The latest full range of models and colours of Jura Impressa espresso coffee & cappuccino machines from Switzerland, is now available at The Beanery Melbourne Australia. Their award-winning design and performance has earned them top honors among the coffee community worldwide. With nearly 70 years of experience behind them, Jura coffee machine are among the most sophisticated espresso and cappuccino machines in the world. The ideal combination of functionality and elegance coupled with the most advanced trend-setting innovations.

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    Regular Price: $1,999.00

    Special Price $999.00

    Comes with 0.6L Cool Control and KG of Beans

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  2. NEW E8 - Redesigned

    NEW E8 - Redesigned

    Regular Price: $2,199.00

    Special Price $1,999.00

    JURA’s new E line is revolutionising the enjoyment of coffee in every aspect.

    JURA’s new E line is revolutionising the enjoyment of coffee in every aspect. The espresso brewing process has been 100 % perfected. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) is the only process of its kind in the world. It optimises the extraction time and guarantees the very best aroma even for short speciality coffees. CLARIS Smart provides water of perfect quality for the best possible flavour. Filter usage has never been easier because the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®) automatically detectsfilter presence.

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  3. S8


    Regular Price: $2,650.00

    Special Price $2,199.00

    Big choice, compact design

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  4. WE8


    Regular Price: $2,690.00

    Special Price $2,590.00

    For lovers of speciality coffee

    Wherever customers, staff and visitors can enjoy superlative coffee, the atmosphere is relaxed, communicative and productive. Anyone who appreciates the finer things in life, a wide choice of speciality coffees and aesthetics will love the WE8. A water tank with a 3 l holding capacity, a bean container for 500 g of coffee beans and a coffee grounds container with a capacity of 25 portions make the elegant professional coffee machine the ideal solution for locations where around 30 speciality coffees are consumed per day. Innovative technologies revolutionise the enjoyment of coffee. The One-Touch function creates trend specialities like latte macchiato, flat white or cappuccino very simply at the touch of a button. Buttons on the front of the machine and a modern TFT display make operation incredibly simple even for inexperienced users.

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  5. J6


    Regular Price: $2,990.00

    Special Price $2,750.00

    One Touch TFT, Swiss Made
    Redefining the coffee experience TFT display with Rotary Selection, an operating concept that sets new standards. Simply turn the Rotary Switch and a list of speciality coffees appears on the modern TFT display. All you need to do is press the button once, and you’ll soon be drinking coffee that fulfils your wildest dreams. Cappuccino spout, height-adjustable on a continuous scale, dispenses cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button and can be used with glasses of up to 153 mm tall. Revolutionary fine foam technology unique milk foam quality of a fine, feather-light consistency. High-quality enjoyment & visual brilliancy, finished with a high-quality double coat of metallic-look brilliant silver lacquer.

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  6. Z6


    Regular Price: $3,790.00

    Special Price $2,895.00

    A world first: P.E.P.® from JURA
    Pulse Extraction Process produces the perfect espresso

    For the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®), innovation leader JURA took its inspiration from the world’s best baristas. The result is a revolutionary technology that optimizes the extraction time, allowing even short specialty coffees like ristretto and espresso to be prepared with an intensity and breadth of aromas like never before.

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  7.  IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional

    IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional


    Out of stock

    The IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional cuts an outstanding figure where the quality of the drinks served is just as important as aesthetics in architecture, ambience and design.
    It creates perfect latte macchiato, cappuccino, café crème, espresso and ristretto at the touch of a button.
    Meanwhile, the clear and symmetrical design, sophisticated chrome-plated bean container and brilliant silver finish add a touch of charisma.

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  8. Z8


    Regular Price: $4,490.00

    Special Price $3,675.00

    A world first: One-touch lungo for a light, aromatic‚ long coffees

    The Z8 from JURA boasts an unbeatable standard of coffee. For long coffees, the world’s first automatic speciality coffee machine for the home with one-touch lungo function uses a special preparation method to additionally combine the coffee with hot water during the extraction process, resulting in full-bodied, deliciously light specialities.

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  9. X8


    Regular Price: $3,990.00

    Special Price $3,790.00

    The robust, versatile and professional coffee solution
    The X8 is incredibly versatile: it can prepare the full range of speciality coffees finished with milk and milk foam as well as black coffees and the classic pot of coffee. For tea lovers, it also prepares hot water at different temperature levels. With its solid, height-adjustable dual spout, it can create a speciality coffee – or even two beverages simultaneously – and dispense them into the cups or glasses, at the touch of a button. The handy cup positioning aid makes it ideal for self-service. The same goes for the large, clearly arranged preparation buttons. Different speciality coffees can be positioned wherever you like on the display, according to your needs. Whether equipped with the standard large water tank or a sturdy fresh water kit, the X8 offers excellent performance whether in mobile use or in a fixed location.

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  10. GIGA 5 - Ex Demo Model

    GIGA 5 - Ex Demo Model

    Regular Price: $5,238.00

    Special Price $4,299.00

    Out of stock

    Ex Demo model includes Cup Warmer and Cool Control ($700 value) plus $1000 off RRP

    GIGA 5 sets a new standard in performance, aesthetics and perfection for the coffee machine segment. Professional technology has found its way into the homes of people who demand the highest standards. With the power of two grinders, two heating systems and two pumps the machine produces two coffee specialities at once, providing an unprecedented range of specialities and fulfilling the coffee lover’s every dream.

    • Fast and quiet as a whisper thanks to two ceramic disc grinders
    • Milk and coffee at the same time thanks to two flowmeters, two pumps and two separate heating systems
    • 19 individually programmable speciality coffees
    • Create your speciality coffee in no time thanks to a TFT display with Rotary Selection
    • Pure, clean lines for a unique, sovereign character
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