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The Beanery quality coffee beans for the best espresso coffee and creamy cappuccino in Melbourne Australia

Great Selection of Freshly Roasted Coffee, Buy Coffee Online - Delivered Directly to You!

Beanery Special: An exclusive House Blend of the world's finest coffee, only sold at this establishment. Medium roast with full flavour.

Guatemala: Large coffee beans, sometimes quite difficult to obtain. From Central America origins, it has a wonderful flowery fragrance with a delicate sweet cup. Good quality and low acidity, very handsome when roasted light or dark. Continually regarded as one of the best coffees. Extremely smooth.

Costarican Colombian: Full rich liquor from Central America. Medium acidity, fine quality and refined bourbon character.

Kenya: From High Country, over 4,000 feet. It has a high acidity and a typical sweet nutty flavour. Light roast, low in caffeine.

New Guinea Blue Mountain: Arabian type from highlands 4,000 feet and over. Coffee beans grow in Jamaica, Hawaii and Kenya. Good strength, fairly high acidity, some bourbon flavour.

Brazil Santos: From Santos District of Brazil. Mild to low acidity, has typical baggy Brazil character. Good for percolators.

Harrari Mocha: From the Harrar District in Ethiopia (coffee is native of this country). Full strong cup with distinctive high caramel flavour. Light roast.

Continental: Flavoursome coffee with underlying taste of Santos. High roast, very rich taste.

American: A subtle taste as required by traditional American coffee drinkers. The medium roast Maragogype makes it very smooth.

Decaf: True Colombian coffee, double washed according to the natural (chemicals free) Swiss Water Method to remove the caffeine, but still retaining its original Colombian flavour.

Colombian Organic Excelso: Toasty sweet cup with notes of Chocolate and Buttered Popcorn up front. Soft Mandarin Acidity and finishing with a Sweet Toffee and Malt.

Brazil Ipanema: Sweet cup with chocolate, hazelnut and caramel. Clean orange acidity that lingers. Body builds to a sticky, buttery, dark chocolate and toffee finish.

Costarican Colombian: Full rich and flavours of liquor from Central America. Medium acidity, fine quality and refined bourbon character.

Peru Organic: Grown in small 2 hectares, this bean offers a delicate cup with notes of hazelnut, tea rose and black tea. Soft juicy body with a clean, yet bright fruity acidity that lingers throughout. The finish builds to creamy chocolate.

PANAMA SHB: Complex cup up front with prominent chocolate liqueur, rum and raisin notes. Heavy sticky body. Winey rounded acidity throughout leading to a 85% cocoa and peanut finish. Cupping Score: 90.25

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  1. American


    Medium, Smooth, Subtle Learn More
  2. Beanery Special

    Beanery Special

    Medium, Full Bodied, Aromatic Learn More
  3. Colombian Organic Excelso

    Colombian Organic Excelso

    Chocolate, Buttered Popcorn, Malt Learn More
  4. Continental


    Strong, Rich, Smooth Learn More
  5. Costarican Colombian
  6. Dark Mocha

    Dark Mocha

    Strongest, Dark Chocolate, High Caffeine Learn More
  7. Decaf


    Double Washed, Swiss Water Method, Colombian Flavours Learn More
  8. Espresso


    Strong, Low Acidity, Brazilian Learn More
  9. Espresso Supreme

    Espresso Supreme

    Medium to Strong, Very Smooth, Cafe Blend Learn More
  10. Golden Royal

    Golden Royal

    Medium, Smooth, High Quality Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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