Are you looking for a high quality, dual boiler, rotary pump, E61 coffee machine for home? Do you want Barista Quality coffee any time of the day without paying upwards of $4 a cup? Then you can’t go past Rocket Espresso’s R58.

This highly reviewed Coffee Machine might have a fairly pricey tag, coming in at RRP $4,349, however for the features, the pump, the E61 group, the ability to plumb the machine in and also adjust the temperature of each boiler individually; it’s actually cheaper than other machines in it’s category. Right now at The Beanery, we have the R58 at $3,999 which is very hard to overlook.

Hand made in Milan, Italy; this machine has a very premium, sleek look, with a shiny chrome finish, black gauges and that unmissable “R” on the steam tamp handle with many of customers making sure that their machine is the centerpiece of the kitchen (Some people have even put it in their living room as an extra talking point!)

With it’s rotary pump, the R58 is also a fairly quiet machine which is great for those early mornings when you need that quick coffee hit without disturbing the rest of the household.

One commonly overlooked feature of the R58 is its Non-Burn Steam Wand. This means that the entire steam wand is double insulated, so you can freely move the position of the wand without burning your hand. This is especially important with younger people who are maybe learning how to steam milk. The Steam produced from the Rocket is also identical to what you’d get in a cafe, meaning you’ll get that perfect silky microfoam needed for latte art as well as a smooth cappuccino.

The Rocket Espresso R58 is in stock right now at The Beanery in Brighton and The Beanery in Emporium shopping centre at its special price of $3,999 with $150 of in store credit, free delivery and free set up (in the Melbourne metro area) and 24 Month Warranty.