From the San Marcos region, the Honduras Liquid Ambar coffee offers a sweet, hazelnut taste within a bright, buttery cup. The subtle notes of orange blend well with the creamy, malt body and lead to a lingering fig finish. This single origin is most definitely a customer favourite here at the Beanery, particularly for those that enjoy a sweet, smooth taste to their cup.

A single origin coffee is strictly grown in one region and the beans are hand-picked at the optimum stage of ripeness. This occurs when the bean is in the ‘red-berry’ stage of maturity, which allows the roaster to capture the full nature of the flavour. Since each individual bean grows at a different pace, hand-picking each bean at the perfect point offers a significant advantage over uniformly farming the whole bush. Ultimately, that’s why the single origin coffees at the Beanery are on the more premium end in terms of both flavour and price than a standard café blend. We believe they are well worth the price!

Similarly, Honduran beans are grown at a high altitude, which provides a denser flavour and richness. The volcanic soil is rich in minerals and extremely fertile, making it an ideal area for coffee production. Honduras coffee is also grown in the shade, and tends to produce a superior result than coffee that is grown in the sun. Combined with the nature climate in the area, it is easy to see why Honduras produces some of the best coffee in the world!

Next time you pop into the Beanery, try our Honduras Liquid Ambar! It’s the perfect coffee to have either black or with milk.